Mad Max by urban-barbarian

A Dance with Dragons by YamaOrce

The Witcher portraits by YamaOrce

Quicksilver by 疾速k


Cornetto trilogy, DoctorCats, The Reeds, Fionna and Cake by Nan Lawson

Mad Max by Alexey-Konev

Mass Effect by lintu

Usagi by NerinFox


Mother of Dragons by Yuuza


Press Start To Join An Adventure by Taylor Rose

Guitar Guy by avalonfilth

LinkPinup & Sailor Moon by CrisDelaraArt

Adventure Time by kamifish

Old Gods by Hellstern

Metal Gear Rising BONES by arok318

Alien by LordMishkin

Darth Vader Redesign by 1oshuart


Poison Ivy by Adam Brown

Through the Marshes by 88grzes

, 合金装备 by zhoujialin92

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  1. ShaDUA

    Mad Max! Mad Max! Mad Max! Mad Max! Mad Max! Mad Max!

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    Вы давайте почаще это дело все выпускайте, клевая же рубрика

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    Музыка и небольшие коментарии давали соучастия с автором подборки и задавали нужное настроение

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    Чужой! Вейдер! Иви очень hot! Ну и Макс, конечно!