Тематический выпуск, только арты по Metal Gear!

MGS arts by Cigardoesart

Revolver Ocelot by Ash Knight

Lap Pun Cheung Reimagines Classic Metal Gear Solid Scenes

Metal Gear Rising by Wachtelspinat

Snake by Cleanlined

MGS by annie_aco

Boys by Zero-Aka

Metal Gear Rising by Erraday

MGS by Eliant

Age of Ocelot by ManiacComet

Solid Snake by Furio Tedeschi

MGS potrait by Brilcrist

MGS by See Hang

The Phantom Pain by Lorenzolamass

Metal Gear sketches by Kr0npr1nz

Quiet by Berggie

Meryl & Naomi Hunter & Mei Ling & Sniper wolf by polarityplus

Quiet Portrait by Zeronis

Metal Gear Solid Dossier by Alex Griendling

MGS by Matt Synowicz

Metal Gear Solid cast by Cigar-blues

Metal Gear Solid Fan-art by DanarArt

Quiet MGS5 by dandonfuga

Snakes by Dan LuVisi