Cosplay Skull Kid from TLZ Majora’s Mask by MahoCosplay

Lara Croft: Rise of the Tomb Raider by aprilgloriacosplay

Raiden by G-cosplayer

Darth Moros by CLeigh-Cosplay

Melkor by EnotArt

Kylo Ren by Mowseler

Jon Snow and Ygritte by Almost-Human-Cosband

Loki and Sigyn by TheIdeaFix

Max Caulfield by DariaAmbrosia

Power Puff Girls by KellyEden

Red Skull by elenasamko

Tauriel by neko-tin

Poison Ivy by iChios

Assassin’s Creed: Elise by Fenyachan

Cassandra Pentaghast by HydraEvil

Nonon Jakuzure by MaySakaali

Commander Vaako (Chronicles of Riddick) by MissSinisterCosplay

Alice Liddell by ver1sa

Black Widow by katyuskamoonfox

Classic Tomb Raider by Elen-Mart